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To ensure overall  provision of managing and advisory services for the development of Agriculture and Fisheries in Savaii


The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries in Savaii’s Organizational Structure remains to its original plan except for new ACEO Position  who will be overseeing and managed the whole operation of Savaii covering  three (3) Technical Divisions  Crops, Animal Production and Health and Fisheries.  Other Sub services include Quarantine, Corporate , World Bank Funded Project  (SAFPROM) and Chinese funded project . (SCATAP).  A total of 42 staff are currently employed  under the operation  including  Salelologa ,Salailua, Asau and Sasina.  Further  details provided below:



To undertake  research, development and advisory services to improve in-shore fisheries, commercial fisheries, aquaculture and adoption of sustainable fisheries practices.


The Savaii Fisheries Services provides advisory roles and assist on all Fisheries Activities for the benefits of Fisheries Stakeholders and  the people of Savaii.


The Savaii Staff work closely with communities on the Community Based Fisheries Management Program. The program was initiated in 1995 with it purpose to replenish inshore depleted fisheries resources and promote community involvement and ownership of responsible fisheries resources.


The Savaii Staff also carried out inshore activities such as market landing surveys and provide assistance to all inshore activities such as fish reserves monitoring, and sustainable use of Fisheries resources.


  1. In addition, the Savaii Staff also involved in offshore activities such as market landings surveys, and also assist on other activities such as FAD deployment and monitoring, and operation of the Ice making machine.


  1. he Savaii Staff also provide advisory roles on community giant clams farm and tilapia farms on grow out methods techniques and we also responsible for the monitoring of these commodities.


Furthermore, the Savaii Staff carry out surveillance and enforcement operation targeting noncompliance under Fisheries Regulations and the preparation of case files for prosecution from the result of enforcement operation.


Tauvae Faiva

Senior Fisheries Officer

Mamoe Malolo

Fisheries Officer

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Salelologa Office

Address MAF Office, Salelologa



Asau Office

Address MAF Office, Asau




To undertake research, development and advisory services to improve crop production for subsistence and commercial producers, processors and marketers

our services

Welcome to the Crops Division of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MAF) in  Savaii. Our service  include improvement  on development and multiplication of priority Crops such as Root crops, Plantation crops, Tree crops Vegetables and Fruit Tree Crops in order to  sustain production for enhancement of the livelihoods of the people of Samoa and for Export markets.

Secondly, is  to  provide advisory services to improve and sustain Potential  crops production for the benefit of subsistence and commercial ventures.

The Crops Division aligns its work within the Government’s Strategy for the Development of Samoa 2008-2012 for “Improved Quality of Life for All”.  The Division’s role is to undertake research to improve food production and security and crops sustainability.  Three main sections carry out specific functions known as Research, Development and Advisory.

Mu Vaamainuu

Senior Crops Officer(SAlelologa)

Seluia Afaese

senior Crops Officer(ASAU)

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Salelologa Office

Address MAF Office, Salelologa



Asau Office

Address MAF Office, Asau


welcome to

animal health production division


output description

To undertake   research and development for the provision of advice and animal health services to improving livestock production for subsistence and commercial producers.

about us

APHD Savaii is a subdivision of Animal Production and Health Division which is under the control and supervision of ACEO – APHD and ACEO – MAF Savaii. It consist of 4 core section including Animal Health Vet Services, Animal Production, Research and Farm Developments and Utility all our activities is driven and accumulated by the following staff and all participated in all core areas as exist in our Savaii base.

Animal Health Service

APHD Savaii covers the whole island in providing key responsibilities for the care of Animal Health for all the farmers in Savaii. We cater for health of livestock animals and we do provide help to small animals such as pet dogs and cats if the need is arises which we then work together with the Animal Protection Society

Animal Production Service

Animal Production services provide the extension service to all farmers in Savaii. Our activities includes training of farmers with all various areas regarding the management and up skilling their knowledge on basic ideas and technology which will provide benefit to their farm as well as incorporate it with their own knowledge and skill in providing proper management to their farm. This will also developed them to change their mindset from subsistence farming into semi-subsistence farming. Other key aspect includes pasture management and replanting, first livestock farming set up, field inspection and nutrition side for livestock using local resources and common pasture and tree legumes for supplementary feed

Research and Development Farms

Our Savaii team also plays a role in Research and Farm Development, in 2019 our first cattle and sheep farm was set up at Asau Savaii. Right now we no longer farm sheep at Asau due to some reasonable reasons and therefore opted to cater for just cattle farm only. The purpose is to produces good genetics breed from the farm and distributed to our local farmers who are willing their farm genetics breed. Currently there are two staff operating our Cattle farm at Asau and working from that end of the Island to cater the need of nearby farmers who are requesting our service in areas such as good farming practice and farm management. Our team in Savaii also plays its role in all beneficiaries project that are lending out a helping hand in terms or farm up-grading and at the same time collect data on areas needed for research by the funding agency. The ACIAR project on sheep in Savaii is one of our Researches activity that we are currently working on together with sheep farmers in Savaii, this research is based on pasture trial and hopefully by the end of the project our team will be able to identify a particular variety of pasture the best a particular area of the Island

Utility Section

Our Utility section deals with all our office operation and other duties directed to them from time to time. They are also responsible for recording of all our office calls and clients visiting our office for information regarding our services. For further notices please contact us on the above mention phone numbers of visit our Salelologa office for further details.

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Salelologa Office

Address MAF Office, Salelologa



Asau Office

Address MAF Office, Asau


Quarantine Division and Regulation Services

about us

Talofa lava, and a warm welcome to our website on the Island of Savaii.

Samoa Quarantine Service (SQS) based at Salelologa Head Quarters have  played a vital  role ensuring proper Notification and Enforcement of Policies and Regulations that  Savaii producers and  Exporters shall be dealing  and  complying  with.

Agriculture and Fisheries (MAF), and the Biosecurity Act 2005 mandates our work, where we prevent or control the introduction and spread of pests and diseases that could cause significant damage to human beings, animals, plants and other aspects of the environment or economic activities.

We are also responsible for assisting exporters of primary produce by providing market access opportunities and government-to-government certification for these products.

The Registrar of Pesticides ensures that only registered pesticides are available and in use in Samoa, hence, all imported pesticides must be registered.

The SQS operates a twenty-four-hour, seven-days-a-week service, maintaining a presence at key points in Savaii Salelologa Wharf  for entry of biosecurity risk goods –  seaports, cargo depots and the mail centre at Apia.

The SQS works in tandem with other inspection agencies at the border (Immigration, Customs and Health) for a whole-of-government approach to border protection.
We have a wonderful environment, and unique unspoiled way of life, and we are proud to protect it.

Help Us to Protect Samoa from Exotic Pests and Diseases.

To prevent introduction of agricultural pests and diseases entering Samoa and control the safe use of pesticides.


To provide administrative and technical support services for the Ministry of Agriculture
and Fisheries in Savaii Islands


About Us

To conduct research, provide advisory services, and undertake development on the areas of human resource management, finance, administration, asset management, and information technology in accordance with relevant legislations, policies and procedures of our Government.