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The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MAF) is the principal organization charged by the Government of Samoa to provide the policies, regulation and technical support to agriculture and fisheries production. MAF approach is to work in partnership with stakeholders such as subsistence farmers, commercial farmers, importers, exporters and Argo-processors and in collaboration with their associated public agencies, NGO‟s and service providers

Vision : “A sustainable sector for food, nutritional and income security, prosperity, wealth, and resilience”

“To increase the sustainable contribution of the sector to food, nutrition and income security, and economic growth”


Animal Production and Health Division

Fisheries Division

Savaii Operation (SOD)

Crops Division

ASCD Division

Quarantine Division

Policy, Planning and Communication Division

Corporate Services Division


Food Security

Improved food security

Sustainable Agricultural

Sustainable Agricultural Production

Commercial Development

Improved Commercial Development