Samoa China Agricultural Technical Aid Project

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The China-Samoa Demonstration Farm at Nuu village has become the largest and most comprehensive demonstration farm aided by China in the Pacific Island Countries.

“Tasty food, set inside a vegetable farming.”

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Samoa-China Agricultural Technical Aid Project (SCATAP)

In a bilateral agreement signed by the Chinese and Samoan government, the Chinese government authorized the Hunan Provincial Foreign Agricultural Economic Cooperation Center (HPAFECC) through public bidding to implement the project phases I-IV since 2010.

After 10 years, SCATAP have established 1 demonstration farm and 9 agricultural stations; supported 100 model farmers; promoted a large number of new crop varieties, new technologies, new agricultural machineries and new facilities; and trained more than 10,000 person/times for local farmers and technicians

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The Main Activities of SCATAP are currently in progress and include upgrading the China-Samoa Demonstration Farm; supporting model farmers; supplying project goods; carrying on agricultural research, demonstration, training and extension; promoting agricultural exchange and cooperation; internal management of the project; external contact with stakeholders; publicity of the project; and seeking the support from other

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