"…enhancing partnerships to develop and sustain agriculture and fisheries…"


• Conduct surveys to monitor the volumes and values of offshore and inshore fishery landings at the main fish markets.

• Conduct assessments to determine the current level of exploitable and as well as potential inshore fishery resources.

• Carry out investigative research and assessments to determine the status and sustainable level of Inshore Fisheries.

• Identify appropriate management and conservation measures via research to facilitate the sustainable utilization of the inshore fisheries and marine habitats.

• Conduct research and stock assessment in conjunction with Regional organizations on the status of deepwater, tuna and other offshore pelagic species.

• Investigate the potential of marine and aquatic species for aquaculture and mariculture and conduct research into relevant farming methods and proper feeds using local ingredients.

• Implement research works to accommodate and address fishery stakeholders needs.

• Carry out research and collect scientific data to formulate and support management and conservation measures imposed as well as strengthening technical advices afforded to fishermen and fishery communities.

• Carry out periodic surveys and assessments to determine the social economic status from fishing in Samoa.

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