"…enhancing partnerships to develop and sustain agriculture and fisheries…"


Section objective

“To facilitate development of technologies for the improvement of local livestock industries”

Core functions

  1. Develop new techniques to improve and promote livestock production in terms of breeding genetics and animal nutrition
  2. Develop and analyze different farm management practices including model farms in order to support animal production systems and long term economic viability
  3. Conduct, monitor and evaluate pasture species and feeding trials
  4. Produce reports on findings from research and technology development
  5. Monitor and assess livestock numbers natural increase statistics & growth of stock on MAF farms
  6. Implement livestock distribution schemes to farmers
  7. Monitor breeding programs for all stock on MAF
  8. Provide expertise for designing and constructing specialized equipment and tools used for animal production and repairs to infrastructure on MAF farms
  9. Provide technical assistance to apiary farmers
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