"…enhancing partnerships to develop and sustain agriculture and fisheries…"


Section objective

“To provide advice and technical assistance to farmers to improve and promote Livestock production”

Core functions

  1. To provide technical advice through:
    1. Farm visits to approve cattle, pigs, chickens and sheep purchased from MAF
    2. Farmers trainings
    3. Farmer group field days
    4. Radio & television awareness programs
  2. Carry out farm monitoring of the different livestock population; assess condition score of animals, review pasture and animal feed conditions
  3. Demonstrate and advise on animal husbandry programs
    1. Castration
    2. Drenching
    3. De-worming
    4. Identification of cattle, pigs and sheep
    5. De-horning
    6. Hoof-trimming
    7. Milking practices in dairy animals
    8. Administering iron injections (pigs)
    9. Teeth clipping
    10. De-beaking (poultry)
    11. Artificial brooding in chickens
    12. Rearing systems for all livestock
    13. Fencing & housing
    14. Ration formulation
  4. Demonstrate pasture establishment and maintenance on cattle farms
  5. Demonstrate feeding practices for all livestock
  6. Organize and develop livestock farmer groups
  7. Assist students in areas of animal research and development
  8. Assist in organizing livestock auctions
  9. Produce and prepare technical information for livestock farmers
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