Reef colonisation and socioeconomic impacts from trochus (Rochia nilotica) translocations to Samoa (FIS/2016/128

To evaluate the consequences arising from past ACIAR-funded translocation of trochus (aliao) to Samoa and enable maximum benefits from the fishery. (Funded by ACIAR, commissioned by the Southern Cross University and implemented by the Fisheries Division

The objectives are to;

  • Build capacity in value-adding of trochus in Samoa,
  • Assess population densities of trochus in Samoa,
  • Appraise the economic potential for exporting trochus sustainably from Samoa and propose administrative frameworks

Pilot Programme for Climate Resilience (PPCR)

Project Objectives are to;
1.        To build capacity of selected communities on climate change impacts on fisheries and marine environment.

2.        To strengthen the participation of communities in management through effective adaptation and management approach such as the CBFMP.

3.        To develop village resource profiles and update existing data and information from scientific monitoring and traditional knowledge from communities on climate change impacts at selected sites.

4.        To enhance habitat ecosystems of CBFMP sites.

5.        To assess and evaluate potential livelihood alternatives to support fisheries           management and provide best and feasible adaptation measures for village communities to minimize pressure on coastal lagoons and reef resources.

Implementation of recommendations to improve Samoa’s Community-based Fisheries Management Programme (CBFMP) (FAO)

The objectives are;
1.    Enhance and streamline the development process and awareness programs of the CBFMP

2.    Establish an improved and well-integrated monitoring program;

3.    Strengthen and improve livelihood and eco-tourism activities of the CBFMP.

Fisheries development project for small scale pelagic fisheries (This project was developed to secure funds to accommodate requests from small scale fishermen and association to further develop their fisheries.)

Project objectives are to;
1.        Construction of boat ramps in selected/appropriate rural areas;
2.        Maintenance of the FAD programme for the next 5 years;
3.        Maintenance and procurement of ice machines;
4.        Installation of navigational lights at passages in relevant rural areas;
5.        Training of alia fishermen and acquisition of safety materials for fishing operations at sea
6.        Awareness programme for the project activities.

Small Scale Tuna Fisheries Development Project “Enhancing livelihoods and food security through fisheries with Nearshore fish aggregating devices in the Pacific Ocean”

Project Objectives are to:
1. Strengthening and developing community nearshore FAD programmes;

2. Structuring and strengthening of fishers associations and cooperatives

3. Developing livelihood opportunities and revenue generating activities and products

4. Improving safety at sea for nearshore FAD fishers

VMS National Assistance Project

1.        Support communication (internet) costs for the national VMS

2.        Support associated operation costs for VMS and MCS related work.