1. Promoting Agritourism Development in Samoa – PROJECT Designing and development agitourism systems

Funded by: CTA, IFAD

Supporting the development of Agri-tourism systems in
Samoa through direct engagement with local communities and local private sector partners while establishing awareness programmed to enhance the tourism industry through the delivered outputs.

2. Pilot Programme for Climate Resilience (PPCR)

Funded by: PPCR ECR (MAF)

To enhance resilience of agricultural livelihoods of six rural districts and build local capacities of farmers and field professionals on dynamic agroforestry.

3. Technical support on Agrometeorology and pest and disease forecasts and early warning for the Agromet Programme in Samoa

Funded by: Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO)

Strengthened resilience of farmers to climate and disaster risks

4. Proposal for South Pacific Agrucultural Chemistry Network (SPACNET)

Funded by: South Pacific Community (SPC)

Ensure reliable and consistent results from the Regional participating analytical laboratories and provide timely interpretative results and services to their clients: farmers, commercial organisations, national research and extension institutions.

5. Soil Management for farm resilience in the pacific

Funded by: ACIAR

1. To identify the barriers that are preventing the sustainable soil management
2. To quantify nutrient cycling in island agricultural and taro production systems and
undertake field trials to highlight the importance of budgeting for soil fertility
management and increasing yield.
3. To identify problems with and subsequently improved current soil sampling, testing
and interpretation protocols and develop soil type specific protocols;
4. To develop the Pacific Soil Portal to enable sustainable soil management in the
farming systems of the region.


6. Aligning genetic resources, production and post-harvest systems to market opportunities for Pacific island cocoa

Funded by: ACIAR

This project will build on past work byadopting a “whole of chain” approach, focused on specific market needs and opportunities: evaluating and disseminating appropriate genetic resources, raising agronomic productivity, and developing and encouraging the uptake of best practice in fermentation and drying to optimise cocoa quality. Enhancement of market outcomes will be based, where appropriate, on the continued support of niche (boutique, bean-to-bar) chocolate manufacturers, linking them with producers and producer groups committed to the production of quality cocoa beans.