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Samoa-China Agricultural Technical Aid Project (SCATAP)

In a bilateral agreement signed by the Chinese and Samoan government, the Chinese government authorized the Hunan Provincial Foreign Agricultural Economic Cooperation Center (HPAFECC) through public bidding to implement the project phases I-IV since 2010.

After 10 years, SCATAP have established 1 demonstration farm and 9 agricultural stations; supported 100 model farmers; promoted a large number of new crop varieties, new technologies, new agricultural machineries and new facilities; and trained more than 10,000 person/times for local farmers and technicians.

The China-Samoa Demonstration Farm at Nu’u village has become the largest and most comprehensive demonstration farm aided by China in the Pacific Island Countries.

The Project Phases I-III were implemented from May 2010 to December 2016 and each phase lasted 2 years. 5-6 Chinese experts were sent to Samoa to implement the project each phase

Phase 1.A 10-acre demonstration farm was established from the rocky wasteland and 9 agricultural stations were established.

Phase 2. Three agricultural stations were constructed on both islands during the phase

Phase 3. The facilities damaged by the Cyclone Evan in 2012 were fixed during the phase III of the project

A large number of vegetable varieties were introduced and promoted and more than 4,000 person/times were trained during the phase I-III

The government of Samoa officially requested the Chinese government to implement the SCATAP Phase IV on April 8, 2016;

The SCATAP Phase IV implemented many activities tirelessly during the last three years from June 1, 2017 to May 31, 2020 in upgrading the China-Samoa Demonstration Farm, supporting model farmers, constructing agricultural facilities, promotion crop varieties, extending agricultural machineries and providing technical trainings, etc.

The production capacity and technical level of vegetable and fruit have been effectively improved, and vegetable production has been significantly increased, the import of vegetables has been partly replaced, and the farmers’ income has been increased in Samoa. SCATAP contributed to strengthen the China-Samoa friendly relations.

The Main Activities of SCATAP are currently in progress and include upgrading the China-Samoa Demonstration Farm; supporting model farmers; supplying project goods; carrying on agricultural research, demonstration, training and extension; promoting agricultural exchange and cooperation; internal management of the project; external contact with stakeholders; publicity of the project; and seeking the support from other

The SCATAP has met all the objectives and achieved remarkable results, which is hailed by the government and people both in Samoa and China. 

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